Dr. Swati Limaye is a Practicing Physiotherapist with experience of 3 years in clinical work. She has extensive experience in management of spondylitis, arthritis, nerve injuries, degenerative diseases, women’s health and sports injuries.

Dr. Swati has constantly been enthusiastic to learn new forms of treatment post her professional qualification and has a number of advanced skills under her belt.

She is a Certified Mulligan Practitioner. http://www.bmulligan.com

She uses McKenzie method, the most effective and research proven treatment for neck and back problems. http://www.mckenziemdt.org/

Kinesio taping, Dry needling and Clinical Neurodynamics are some of the other techniques she is expert at.

On field Physio
Dr. Swati has been on-site physio for various marathons, cyclothon and other sports events. She also consults for gym injuries.

Fitness training
Dr Swati conducts programs for weight loss and fitness training.

Personal Interests
Dr. Swati participates in marathons round the year, does workout at the gym, plays badminton and loves cycling.


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